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Joel FeistJoel FeistMarch 19th, 2019

New Feature: March update

Hopefully, our least used feature ever 


It happens to even the best. We hope you never need to cancel an event,  but sometimes the sign up's don't go the way you've planned. In that case, we think Upsales should handle cancellations smoothly. So sorry, you can now cancel your Events in Upsales. When doing so, your event forms are locked from further submits, and your automated emails are paused. You can of course send emails to notify the one's that already signed up.

More information about your assigning leads 

In this release, we've focused on handing more information about the lead to the team member who's been assigned. 


When you're assigning a lead for a team member you can now select which contact they should approach and add some notes. These both show up in the assigned activity for your team members. 



We've also completely re-designed the email you receive when you are assigned to a lead. The email now includes a lot more useful information.



You can now choose to create order 90 days in advance for your subscriptions. We also support 15, 30, 45 and 60 days before. To activate this function if you don't have it, go to Settings/CRM/Subscription and select Show field for early creation of order



We now support multiple timezones and currency formats. 
For example, you might work in Sweden but like to see date and currency in American format. 
Sweden: 2019-03-19 16:45, and 12 345,99 SEK 
United States: 03/19/2019 4:45 PM, and SEK 12,345.99 

Simply head over to your user profile and set the language and region settings.


More validation for Apps

If you are an app developer or a superuser, keep on reading :)
If you install apps that are dependant on certain stages or fields in Upsales, your users can't delete those fields or stages without getting notified. This means that integrations that have dependencies will not stop working because of missing fields or stages in Upsales. The app needs to be uninstalled or reconfigured before the dependencies can be deleted. 

New Features

  • Localization

  • Cancel Event

  • Assign a contact and leave a note


  • Subscription: create order 90 days in advance

Joel FeistJoel FeistJanuary 31st, 2019

New Feature: Outlook and office 365 Add-in

Get efficient with your emails when you see everything about your contacts from Upsales

Upsales provide all the information you need at your fingertips on the people who email you in Outlook's sidebar.
Stop switching tab between Upsales and Outlook and use our add-in to Outlook to get all information about the contact in Outlook.

You can see:

- Phone numbers

- Company information

- Opportunities

- Sales

- Sales & Marketing history


Install the app in Microsoft app source: and then add the Upsales premium app inside Upsales to get connected. 
Availaible as a premium app for all Upsales Versions.

New Features

  • Outlook and office 365 Add-in

Joel FeistJoel FeistJanuary 31st, 2019

New Feature: January release

Find new customers all over the world with the new Bisnode International app

In order to be successful in the global market, you need to be able to process new countries and regions effectively. With Bisnode international, you get access to the worlds most comprehensive company database with more than 350 million companies. Find new customers all over the world and enrich company data with revenue, number of employees, turnover, company status and much more.


Enable monitoring to a customer to get automatic updates. Get deeper insights with data like employee growth rate trends, revenue trends, stock exchanges, company family tree and much more.

How to get started

Bisnode International is a premium app that you can install in your account from our App Directory. Available for all Upsales Versions. 

Contribution margin

Contribution margin (CM), or dollar contribution per unit, is the selling price per unit minus the variable cost per unit. "Contribution" represents the portion of sales revenue that is not consumed by variable costs and so contributes to the coverage of fixed costs. 


Read more here to activate it in your account:
Available in Upsales Plus or higher


We release event in November 2018 and during January we have added a lot of new features for our Event users.

Cannot attend link

When you remind attendees the day before your event you will always get a lot of emails from people that for some reason can't make it. We wanted to eliminate this unnecessary administration and added support for attendees to let you know that they can't make it by themselves.


Add guests on arrival at your event

It's always someone that's going to show up to your event that's not on your attending list. You try to remember their name to add them to your CRM after your event. We have solved that for you as well. When you check-in your attendees with Upsales check-in feature you can now add additional guest in the app.

Number of seats and waiting list

Your event is a huge success and is fully booked on the first day. Hurray 🎉
What about the rest of the contacts that are interested in your event? 
With our new feature, you can enable a waiting list where contacts can sign-up and get notified from you when/if seats get available later on.


When a guest signs up for the waiting list they will receive an email confirming that they are on the. list. 


You will find all the contacts that's on the waiting list in your event in Upsales. 

New Features

  • Bisnode International

  • Event - cannot attend link for your attendees

  • Event - Support events that´s more than one day

  • Event - Can add contacts in check-in mode

  • Event - Waiting list when event is full

  • Contribution Margin/Sales Margin


  • Customers with more than 100 order rows will experiense that Upsales is 10x faster

  • You can have more characters in your custom field names (128 characters)

Joel FeistJoel FeistDecember 10th, 2018

New Feature: An early Christmas package for you

Upsales, meet Vainu. Vainu, meet Upsales

There are now over 108 million more ways to supercharge your Upsales campaigns. That’s because your Upsales CRM now integrates with Vainu, the real-time data platform with 108+ million company entries. You can get all the advantages of Vainu straight to your Upsales account:

  • Real-time intelligence
    Vainu uses intelligent data collection technology that constantly searches and refreshes company data, keeping your CRM ultra-dynamic and up-to-date
  • Machine learning capability
    Vainu helps you identify hot prospects quicker and at scale, using machine learning algorithms to predict and recognize patterns 
  • Automated insight
    No need for laborious manual processing – Vainu automates data collection, giving you more time to focus on the strategic things that bring in revenue

The integration is available:

On all Upsales plans

Events: small update with big impact

Upsales Event has had a small but significant update that will help you manage your events.

Before, to see your events you had to click ‘Events list’ and scroll through to find what you needed. Not much fun, and usually took some time. Now, when you click ‘Show calendar’, you can instantly see where all your events are. These are color-coded; purple means future event, grey means past to help you find what you looking for. 


New Features

  • Event Calendar

  • Vainu integration

Joel FeistJoel FeistNovember 21st, 2018

New Feature: Powerful event management and thousands of new apps

We’ve been working around the clock at Upsales HQ, to give you a triple shot of releases:

Combine Upsales Events with the rest of the revenue engine platform

Running your B2B events just got a whole lot easier. Upsales Events is now aligned with your Upsales CRM and marketing automation platform, adding new dimensions to your data. 

No more guesswork or communication breakdowns – instead you get the insight you need, before during and after events. Your messaging can be even more bespoke, segmented and at scale, with automated emails, landing pages, sharing tools, check-ins, guest list creation, and SMS functions. Having the platform connected with Events puts all the data in one place, helping to make things super-simple when it comes to nurturing attendees.

It’s available: 

  • As an add-on for Upsales Plus customers (starts at just €1 990 per year)
  • For Upsales Max customers

Read more about Upsales Events in our knowledge base here.


Zapier integration

You can now integrate Upsales with Zapier, unlocking access to thousands of apps. Start using workflows that give you the ‘best of both worlds’ – for example:

  • Connecting Facebook lead ads to Upsales
    Act more quickly on Facebook ad conversions by nurturing through Upsales rather than through Facebook 
  • Connecting LinkedIn Lead Generation activity to Upsales
    Trigger the power of your Upsales workflow emails when you get LinkedIn-generated leads 

It’s available: 

  • For all Upsales customers via this link.

Single Sign-on support (SAML 2.0)

Want to reduce risks from third-party sites, lessen password fatigue, and cut the ‘Help I’ve forgotten/lost my password’ queries to IT help desk? Of course you do. So read on, this release is for you.

You can now get SAML 2.0 support on Upsales. That means authenticating and authorizing users via Single Sign-On, for multiple apps and services, including Active Directory or DUO Security. 

It’s available for beta access: 

  • For Upsales Max customers. (Contact our support the get access)

Read more about Single Sign-on in our knowledge base here.


New Features

  • Upsales Events

  • Zapier

  • SAML 2.0

Joel FeistJoel FeistNovember 2nd, 2018

New Feature: Mail Signature

When you send out 1-to-1 emails from Upsales, you might want to have an email signature attached when composing and sending your email.


Dynamic signature template

When creating a new signature from settings/CRM/Mail signature, we provide you with a dynamic template based on your company profile. Things like your company logo and the company visiting address are dynamically rendered.

We also attach dynamic tags for the current user's name, title, and cellphone. This means that one signature will fit all your users.
If you rather want to start from scratch, simply select all text and hit the delete key. We have provided you with a text editor so you can design your own email signature.

Default signature

You can have multiple signatures. This could be useful if you have different departments that need to display different content. You can also set one signature as default. This means that each time you compose a new 1-to-1 email from Upsales, the default signature will be attached automatically.

Start and end date

Start and end dates can be set to the email signature. This can be useful if you want to promote a special event or a new product somewhere in the signature. The signature will be inactive until the start date occurs even though the signature is set as active.

New Features

  • Mail Signature

Joel FeistJoel FeistSeptember 20th, 2018

New Feature: New feature: Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys with

We’re continuing to add more apps inside the app directory for you. 🎉
The app is free to use if you are customers of both Upsales and 

Want to know what your customers really think? Want to spot trends, predict patterns and fix problems before they cause lasting damage to your business?

We continue to add more apps inside our APP directory. 🎉
The app is free to use if you are customers to both Upsales and

Step this way…

Upsales NPS helps you collect authentic customer feedback, so you really understand how your organisation is performing. It's a way of recording what your customers think, their satisfaction levels, and whether they'd recommend you. 

Connect Upsales with to sync contacts from Upsales to Promoter and start sending out NPS surveys on a regular basis. NPS answers will be displayed on company and contact card inside Upsales.

Ask them things like:

“On a scale of 1–10, how likely are you to recommend us to your friends?”

This gives you qualitative insight into 'why' your customers feel that way, which tends to work better than those generic annual customer satisfaction surveys. Set customer satisfaction scores to measure internal KPIs, and benchmark your NPS against competitors integration

Upsales integrates with so you can sync contacts and easily ask for feedback on a regular basis. The NPS results are automatically added to your Upsales data, giving you dynamic insight to respond in real-time, and identify upwelling and cross-selling opportunities. Plus because contacts are synced, removing from Upsales also removes from, saving you time and helping keep your data clean.

View NPS data

You’ll see the NPS in a widget next to an Upsales company card. If more than one contact has answered your survey within 12 months, the NPS is calculated by averaging each score.

Sync contacts from Upsales

Create a segment inside Upsales with your target audience for you NPS survey. Contacts in your segment will be transferred to Promoter automatically on a regular basis. If contacts get included or removed from a segment after the integration started they will be added/removed from Promoter. 

Get NPS statistic in company card

We will display a widget on the left side in the company card if we can find NPS responses from contacts on that specific company (match on the company Upsales ID). If more than one contact has answered the survey we will take an average score for the last 12 months. You can dig deeper to see more information about what the respondents have written when they answered your NPS survey. 


Get NPS statistic on the contact card

We will display a widget on the left side in the contact card if we can find NPS responses from this contact (match on contact Upsales ID). You can dig deeper to see more information about what the respondents have written when they answered your NPS survey. 

Joel FeistJoel FeistSeptember 19th, 2018

Update: Opt-in and currency rate: Update release 2018-09-19

Check out these two releases to make your sales and marketing life that little bit easier…

Import Opt-in

Post-GDPR, it’s never been more important to have your contact opt-in information in one place.

That’s why you can now import opt-in statuses from all your non-Upsales services.

You can now import opt-in status to Upsales if you collected opt-in in from different services than Upsales.


Currency rate

Lengthy sales cycles can cause headaches when it comes to calculating currency rates for international businesses. After all, a lot can happen to a rate in between the time it takes a deal to go from opportunity to order. We listened to your feedback on this issue, and hope this will make things easier. Upsales now automatically updates your currency rate, from your main settings, when you close an order.


  • Import Opt-in

  • Update currency rate when you close an order


  • Solved a problem to add companies from leads list if you have marketing access but can only see you own companies.

  • Solved a problem in advanced search where you did get suggestions on titles on contacts you did not have access to see.

Joel FeistJoel FeistSeptember 5th, 2018

Update: New design for our appointment modal

There have been a few improvements made to the way appointments are displayed. You’ll find more of the information you need, plus the layout is more fluid and dynamic. We made changes to the way appointments are presented in the system. We’ve added some information and changed the layout of the appointment modal.

Company and contact information:

You can now see extra information about your company and contacts on the main display. No need for extra clicks – name, job title, contact numbers and email address are all immediately visible. We added information about the company and contacts you add to an appointment to easily access their information and get in contact with them.


Layout changes:

Adding appointments just got a whole lot faster. For one thing, when creating an appointment you’re now instantly in the ‘start date’ field. For another, you can see the company’s opportunities automatically:

Joel FeistJoel FeistAugust 27th, 2018

New Feature: New feature: Unsubscribe lists

Here’s news of a feature that many of you have been requesting. Well… you spoke, we listened 🎉

The new unsubscribe lists feature helps you keep more of your contacts subscribed for longer. Instead of contacts hitting your ‘unsubscribe’ link and you losing them forever, they can now unsubscribe from specific campaigns. They get more control, and you reduce your churn rates. Win win!

When contacts choose ‘unsubscribe’, they have a choice about which lists to unsubscribe from. 


Upsales tips

Upsales tipsAdd a description next to each list, explaining why it’s useful. And try to keep your lists as few as possible. Present too many options and most people will go for ‘unsubscribe from all’.

Multiple language support

You can create unsubscribe options for any language you want. These will show according to the user’s browser language. If the language isn’t in your system, it’ll show English by default.

New Features

  • Unsubscribe lists

Joel FeistJoel FeistAugust 23rd, 2018

Update: Release - 2018-08-23

Relevance- and A-z sorting in the contact list

Sometimes it may be frustrating to get to a company card with more than 10 contacts when the person you are always talking to is far down the list. With the new relevance sorting, the contacts are sorted based on the ones you previously sold to, having an opportunity with or a planned activity/meeting. Everything to make your job easier. You can still find the contacts in alphabetical order by clicking the A-Z icon.


New help center design and 100+ new articles


Microsoft Teams (App in our APP Directory)


Keep everyone on your team up to date with real-time messages from Upsales directly in Microsoft Teams. Send notifications to your team on closed order, an opportunity or a booked appointment. Read more here.

Harvest - Time Tracking (App in our APP Directory)

We know that working with tools that don't communicate with each other can be quite time-consuming. That's why we made Upsales not only communicate with Harvest but really sync your information efficiently.

By using the Harvest app you'll track the time you've spent in Harvest and it's automatically imported to Upsales as products on opportunities. When the project is finished and it's time to collect the money simply, set the opportunity stage to 100% in Upsales and the project in Harvest will be marked as Invoiced. If you've connected a billing app through Upsales, the order will then be synced to that service.

New Features

  • App: Harvest

  • App: Microsoft Teams

  • Relevant filter on contact list in company card


  • Help Center

Joel FeistJoel FeistJune 13th, 2018

Update: Release - 2018-06-13

Wistia app

You know how important video is to the marketing mix. So it made perfect sense to integrate Upsales with one of the world’s most powerful video platforms. That’s right, you can now plug in Wistia to your Upsales account and add even more insight to your reporting. 

Sync video views to Upsales in 2 different ways, depending on what you want to gain:

Activity log

When a contact views a video, their activity can be automatically added to their profile. That way you can see at a glance how they’re interacting with your videos, what they’re interested in, and how long they watch for. 

For example, you can assign a lead score per view. Set a % of time watched for it to be recorded. Then view results in one window, like this:



Each view is submitted in Upsales as a form. These are automatically created by the Wistia app – either per form, per Wistia project or per Wistia video.

New Features

  • Wistia integration


  • Double opt-in - Send email from your default email


  • Solved issue with flows where it didn't start if you started with snooze

  • Solved issue where opt-in was removed if you merge contacts

Joel FeistJoel FeistJune 7th, 2018

Update: Release - 2018-06-07

Marketing board

It’s now even easier to see your lead-related activity – and all in one place.

Basically, we took inspiration from the things you love about the Upsales Sales board, and added them to your Marketing board. 

For example, you can set a time period to instantly see which companies have received a lead score. This helps you better understand performance during particular promotions or specific seasons. You can see at-a-glance where your leads are located in your funnel. Then use any of the four widgets that help you dig into your performance data.

With Upsales brand new Marketing board you have a new way to see your leads. We took inspiration from Upsales Salesboard that we know you appreciate. You will find companies that have received lead score during the time period you selected. 

First of all, we have four widgets to help you get an overview of your marketing activities during that period. Second, we have the marketing board that shows where in your marketing- and sales process your leads are located.  


Fortnox app

Great news! Upsales now integrates with one of Sweden’s leading accounting and invoicing apps. Use Fortnox to sync all the financial data you need, to save time when it comes to audits and reporting. For example, you can add companies, invoices, and products. 

New orders and customers in Upsales will then be synced to Fortnox’s invoice or order modules, keeping your accounts clean, simple, and joined up.

With the new Fortnox app that you can find in our App directory, it´s super easy to get all information (companies, invoices and products) from Fortnox to Upsales. After the initial synchronization, new orders and customers from Upsales will be synced to Fortnox, either to Fortnox Invoice- or order module. 

Image result for fortnox

New Features

  • Marketing board

  • Fortnox app


  • Enable you to create products with the same name

Joel FeistJoel FeistMay 31st, 2018

Update: Release - 2018-05-30

Update Flow with more actions

Today, we release the ability to add CRM actions into flows. 
You can create activities, update companies and contacts directly through your flow. 


Filter on order and opportunity stages at the same time

We have added the ability to filter on both order and opportunity stages in your order and opportunity list. 


New Features

  • CRM-Actions in flow

  • Filter: Order and opportunity stages

  • Anonymization


  • You can change size on note fields (custom) when you are in edit mode

  • Opt-in title can have 512 characters

Joel FeistJoel FeistMay 16th, 2018

Update: Release - 2018-05-16

Tooltip on notes

With the help of tooltip on notes, you can create internal policies what you cannot write in you note fields.
You can decide what to write in your tooltips in account settings.


Marketing performance in Insight

For many marketers, the primary focus (and concern) is delivering hot leads to sales. The hotness is typically based on lead score, which in turn is derived from the interactions the lead has had with digital assets, e.g. websites, content downloads etc.

While score is great as an indicator of interest, it decays over time. Engaging leads quickly is thus crucial to secure you are leveraging the hotness. The issue many have is a too hard focus on only the NEW leads. While they definitely are important, re-engaging or recycling of leads is too. Most companies have thousands of leads, contacts and accounts sitting idling in their databases. 

The answer is nurturing of leads. But many simply don’t do it, Marketing Sherpa pointed out some time ago that over 70% of companies do not have a process or infrastructure for recycling leads. Often this is because of sloppy metrics and disconnected IT landscape.

So how can I as CMO stay on top of both recycled and new leads? One way of looking at it is creating a “Hot Leads Quadrant”. Having discussed it for a while internally, we decided to make it happen.

The idea: 

Let’s show all hot leads/prospects based on a score and time decay quadrant. This way we clearly see who sales should be engaging with and who we need to push from marketing. As in any quadrant – the magic happens at the top right.


Marketing operations in Insight

Next report we have released in Insight is all about the numbers. The report will help you understand how your marketing activities are performing over time.


New Features

  • Marketing operations in Insight

  • Marketing performance in Insight

  • Tooltip on notes


  • Fixed bug where it took long time to create a extra category field