Joel FeistJoel FeistSeptember 5th, 2018

Update: New design for our appointment modal

There have been a few improvements made to the way appointments are displayed. You’ll find more of the information you need, plus the layout is more fluid and dynamic. We made changes to the way appointments are presented in the system. We’ve added some information and changed the layout of the appointment modal.

Company and contact information:

You can now see extra information about your company and contacts on the main display. No need for extra clicks – name, job title, contact numbers and email address are all immediately visible. We added information about the company and contacts you add to an appointment to easily access their information and get in contact with them.


Layout changes:

Adding appointments just got a whole lot faster. For one thing, when creating an appointment you’re now instantly in the ‘start date’ field. For another, you can see the company’s opportunities automatically: