Joel FeistJoel FeistDecember 10th, 2018

New Feature: An early Christmas package for you

Upsales, meet Vainu. Vainu, meet Upsales

There are now over 108 million more ways to supercharge your Upsales campaigns. That’s because your Upsales CRM now integrates with Vainu, the real-time data platform with 108+ million company entries. You can get all the advantages of Vainu straight to your Upsales account:

  • Real-time intelligence
    Vainu uses intelligent data collection technology that constantly searches and refreshes company data, keeping your CRM ultra-dynamic and up-to-date
  • Machine learning capability
    Vainu helps you identify hot prospects quicker and at scale, using machine learning algorithms to predict and recognize patterns 
  • Automated insight
    No need for laborious manual processing – Vainu automates data collection, giving you more time to focus on the strategic things that bring in revenue

The integration is available:

On all Upsales plans

Events: small update with big impact

Upsales Event has had a small but significant update that will help you manage your events.

Before, to see your events you had to click ‘Events list’ and scroll through to find what you needed. Not much fun, and usually took some time. Now, when you click ‘Show calendar’, you can instantly see where all your events are. These are color-coded; purple means future event, grey means past to help you find what you looking for. 


New Features

  • Event Calendar

  • Vainu integration