Joel FeistJoel FeistNovember 2nd, 2018

New Feature: Mail Signature

When you send out 1-to-1 emails from Upsales, you might want to have an email signature attached when composing and sending your email.


Dynamic signature template

When creating a new signature from settings/CRM/Mail signature, we provide you with a dynamic template based on your company profile. Things like your company logo and the company visiting address are dynamically rendered.

We also attach dynamic tags for the current user's name, title, and cellphone. This means that one signature will fit all your users.
If you rather want to start from scratch, simply select all text and hit the delete key. We have provided you with a text editor so you can design your own email signature.

Default signature

You can have multiple signatures. This could be useful if you have different departments that need to display different content. You can also set one signature as default. This means that each time you compose a new 1-to-1 email from Upsales, the default signature will be attached automatically.

Start and end date

Start and end dates can be set to the email signature. This can be useful if you want to promote a special event or a new product somewhere in the signature. The signature will be inactive until the start date occurs even though the signature is set as active.

New Features

  • Mail Signature