Joel FeistJoel FeistAugust 27th, 2018

New Feature: New feature: Unsubscribe lists

Here’s news of a feature that many of you have been requesting. Well… you spoke, we listened 🎉

The new unsubscribe lists feature helps you keep more of your contacts subscribed for longer. Instead of contacts hitting your ‘unsubscribe’ link and you losing them forever, they can now unsubscribe from specific campaigns. They get more control, and you reduce your churn rates. Win win!

When contacts choose ‘unsubscribe’, they have a choice about which lists to unsubscribe from. 


Upsales tips

Upsales tipsAdd a description next to each list, explaining why it’s useful. And try to keep your lists as few as possible. Present too many options and most people will go for ‘unsubscribe from all’.

Multiple language support

You can create unsubscribe options for any language you want. These will show according to the user’s browser language. If the language isn’t in your system, it’ll show English by default.

New Features

  • Unsubscribe lists